Dear Annie: I am 20 years old. I’ll be turning 21 this December. (Yippee!) My first real boyfriend and I have been off and on the last six years. Even at our young age, we used drugs, but both have succeeded in our battle against the addiction.

Dear Annie: My son was married eight months ago and now lives on the other side of the country. During their courtship, engagement and wedding, I did everything I could to be friends with his wife. I bought her a rehearsal dinner dress, which she approved of at first. I helped her dress for …


The growing options for outsourcing meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking can be called time-saving blessings or culture-destroying curses. In the end, they’re probably a complicated mix of both.

Dear Heloise: You had a cilantro sauce that my husband loved when I’d pour it over boneless chicken breasts. Unfortunately, I’ve misplaced the recipe, so would you please reprint it for me and others who like a little “zip” to their chicken?

Dear Annie: When I lost our son to suicide in 2012, there were no words to take away the pain. I understood that clumsy attempts to console were well-intended and appreciated the intent.

Dear Annie: My neighbor has a huge tree growing squarely in the middle of her yard. The tree is so big that a limb crashed down and broke part of a fence I share with another neighbor. I was left with the repair and the cleanup. When I mentioned this situation and my safety concern to the ne…

Alese Vargees, 3, of Belton picks a rubber duck out of a Dippin’ Ducks game recently at the Centraland Title booth during Duck Dash at Yettie Polk Park in Belton.

Abram Rovetto, a third-grader, waves an American flag during the recent dedication event for Belton ISD’s new Charter Oaks Elementary School in West Temple.