Dear Heloise: Everyone talks about fiber in our diets, but no one says how much fiber we should be eating, or which foods have the highest fiber. Can you set the record straight on this matter?

— Jillian M., Pendleton, Ore.

Jillian, women need about 25 grams of fiber daily, and men need about 38 grams. Here are some delicious ways to get your fiber:

Pears — 5.5 grams of fiber.

Avocados — 10 grams per cup.

Raspberries — 8 grams per cup.

Bananas — 3.1 grams in a medium banana.

Kidney beans — 11.3 grams per cup.

Almonds — 3.5 grams per ounce.

To add more fiber into meals or snacks, try putting nuts and berries on your cereal and using whole-grain tortillas or bread when making a sandwich.

— Heloise

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