Dear Readers: Ladies, the heat is on. How should you dress for the office in the summer? Most offices adopt a more relaxed dress code for summertime. Let’s take a look:

Pressed khaki pants, skirt or capri pants is a “go”; most companies allow bare legs now. Dressy sandals are OK, but not flip-flops.

Leave leggings, exercise wear (“athleisure”) and crop tops at home.

Collared knit shirts with the company logo are OK.

Sleeveless dresses and tops are tricky; have a jacket on standby.

Loud florals are discouraged, but bold solid colors can be fine.

Conforming to the company dress code is necessary, but you can relax your dress and brighten things up a bit in the summertime. If you have questions, ask your human resources department for more information. Pattern your summer dress style after your supervisors’ wardrobe.