Dear Heloise: What is the storage time in a refrigerator for common everyday foods?

— Diane M., Madison, N.J.

Butter: In the refrigerator, one to two weeks; frozen, nine months.

Cheeses: Opened cream cheese, two weeks; cottage cheese, 10 to 30 days; opened Swiss, brick, processed cheese, three to four weeks.

Chicken: Refrigerate two to three days; freeze for nine to 12 months. Chicken livers will keep one to two days in the refrigerator, three months frozen.

Ketchup: Unopened, 12 months on the shelf; refrigerate after opening.

Mayonnaise: Salad dressing unopened on the shelf, two to three months; in the refrigerator after opening, six to eight weeks.

Pork: Fresh, three to five days in the refrigerator for chops, one to two days for ground; three to five days for roasts.

— Heloise