Sammons Bridge

Tuesday, June 25


1st: Gene and Lois Miller tied Irv Cummings and JoAnn Nalle

2nd: David and Helen Sanderford

3rd: Poncho and Joyce Melvin


1st: Pam Edwards and Terry Bedsole

2nd: Linda Smith and Bobbe McDonnold

3rd: Wanda Myers and Jan Hisle

Thursday, June 27


1st: Poncho and Joyce Melvin

2nd: Irv Cummings and JoAnn Nalle

3rd: Maretta Deiterman and Sheryl Calderon

4th: Mary Wilson and Helen Sanderford


1st: Faye Henley and Pam Edwards

2nd: Linda Smith and Maxine Johnson

3rd: Mary Reid and Beverly Kermode

4th: Owen Messenger and Terry Bedsole

Bridge Studio of Temple

Tuesday, June 25

Section A

1st: Jan Hart and Mary Adams

2nd: Sue Morgan and Nancy Clements

3rd: Pat Hogan and Helen Simonette

Section B

2nd: Wanda Carter and Ann Fulcher

Friday, June 28

Section A

1st: Belva Barrington and Malissa Baugh

2nd: Gene Thompson and Pat Jodoin

3rd: Lennie Wilkins and Mary Adams

Section B

1st: Jan Hart and Ann Fulcher

2nd: Lynn Sykes and Carol Ann Wadley

Sunday, June 30

1st: Carol Ann Wadley and Peggy Downey and Maretta Deiterman and Jeanette Parsons

Duplicate Bridge Club

Monday, July 1

1st: George Fowler and Lyndon Phelps

2nd: Belva Barrington and Pat Jodoin

3rd: Ann Fulcher and Lynn Sykes

Rolling Hills Bridge Club

Wednesday, June 26

1st: Pat Jodoin and Belva Barrington

2nd: Jan Hart and Mary Adams

3rd: Ann Fulcher and Dale Allen tied Wanda Carter and Lynn Sykes tied Dick Cunningham and Janice Walker

Belton Senior Center

Friday, July 5

1st: Bobbie Phillips and Betty Campbell

2nd: Bobbe McDonnold and Geri Gaffney

3rd: Betty Chappell and Vernice Black

4th: Bill and Caroline Ford

5th: Bob and Mayelle Carlisle