Crimson River Ministries will complete the 2019 concert season with a special bonus concert featuring the return of The Old Paths Quartet on Saturday, Nov. 23, at Faith Baptist Church in Temple.

During this season, practice gratitude and you just might have a longer list of things for which you are thankful.

On Nov. 16, more than one thousand empty shoeboxes will be transformed into gifts of hope as part of Immanuel Baptist Church of Temple’s packing party aimed to help children in need around the world.

Freedom is often widely misunderstood, perhaps especially in America. We think of the flag, a bald eagle, the ability to do whatever I want! Free from any and every constraint. FREEDOM! WHOO!

Sometimes in life, we tend to “lose Jesus” in our activities. He can be found in the secret place of our spirit. We must return there and regain our love relationship with the Father God.