After a few days of sweltering heat broke with an afternoon storm, the bells rang at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Rollingstone as parishioners passed through its doors for Saturday mass. Formed by immigrants of Luxembourg who settled in the area, the church recently celebrated its 150th birthday in June. The roughly 400-member congregation — of which about 100 show up for the weekend service and a quarter of that for daily mass — is proud of the community that fills the pews

A group of volunteers is hoping to breathe new life into the Old Galatia Church. The church building, one of the oldest religious buildings still standing in the Norfork area, was shuttered five years ago and appeared on Preserve Arkansas’ list of the most endangered historic sites in the state in 2017.

WESTPHALIA — Community members mourned the loss of their 124-year-old historic wooden church that was engulfed by fire Monday.

The dog days of summer are the very time when I need to spend even more time in prayer, in contemplation, in looking up from the everyday, to the heavenly.