Heavy rainstorms caused a host of problems in Temple and nearby areas Wednesday, with some areas losing power and other weather troubles popping up.

A possible tornado was spotted near Cameron, with no damage immediately reported. The tornado warning, issued by the National Weather Service, lasted until 1:45 p.m.

Both Temple and Jarrell experienced multiple power outages with Temple seeing more than 100 homes without power and Jarrell seeing almost a thousand homes.

The National Weather Service reported the Temple area received roughly a half inch of rain over a 24-hour period.

In addition to homes, both the middle school and the elementary school in Jarrell lost power for a time. While classes continued at the schools due to them having windows that don’t let the classes fall totally into darkness, Jarrell superintendent Bill Chapman predicted there might be some interruption to the school’s theater program if the power continued to stay out.

“We are taking care of business, and we will be monitoring the campuses to make sure the classes are going great,” Chapman said. “I don’t think we have any afterschool programs today, luckily in May there is not much going on. One thing it could affect is the middle school theater.”

Wednesday’s heavy rains once again disturbed Temple’s sewer lines, causing an overflow of wastewater into Lions Park.

Don Bond, Temple interim public works director and city engineer, said residents can expect this sort of overflow to continue to happen at the park until that segment of construction is completed.

National Weather Service employees estimated that the next large amount of rainfall will come on Friday and Saturday in the form of one or two inches of rain.