Christopher Dean Webster

Christopher Dean Webster

BELTON — Christopher Dean Webster, 39, of Belton, was arrested and charged with the alleged violent sexual assault of a woman.

Webster called 911 on Dec. 29 and said he was assaulted by a woman in the 3500 block of Opal Lane. While Webster reported the alleged assault, the woman went to the Belton Police Department and said Webster sexually assaulted her.

Webster denied sexual contact with the woman, an affidavit said.

The woman said earlier another man she was dating assaulted her in Temple, and she reported it to Temple Police. Photos were taken of the woman at that time.

She called Webster, who was a former dating partner and was supportive of her during the current abusive relationship. The two went to play pool in Temple. The woman went back to Webster’s residence, the affidavit said.

Webster wanted to have sex, but the woman said she refused. Webster reportedly threw her around and onto the bed, where he shoved her face in a pillow and assaulted her while calling her ugly names. The woman said she told him to stop.

He reportedly forced her to take a shower. She got dressed and went to the police station, the woman said in the affidavit.

EMS treated the woman and took her to the hospital for a forensic examination. She had numerous injuries all over her body — injuries that Temple Police didn’t find at the time of her earlier report.

The woman claimed Webster later contacted her and wanted to pay her to withdraw her complaint. He also reported threatened to call Child Protective Services because she was in contact with the man who previously reportedly assaulted her.

The warrant for Webster’s arrest was issued June 6 by Bell County Justice of the Peace David Barfield.

Webster was released Friday after he posted bond in the amount of $150,000.