Little Wildcat Relays

Scott Elementary fifth-grader Cory Martin pushes toward the finish line Friday at the Little Wildcat Relays at Temple High School.

Temple fifth-graders jumped, played soccer and ran as hard as they could at the annual Little Wildcat Relays on Friday.

Temple Independent School District holds a field day for students about to leave their elementary years behind every May. The competition was held at Wildcat Stadium at Temple High School.

Yessenia Edgecomb, 11, competed in cross country, and said she enjoyed it.

“It was fun,” Yessenia said. “I might want to be in track when I’m in middle school.”

Physical education teachers, administrators and many other Temple ISD personnel worked together to organize the multi-school field day.

“I absolutely love watching our kids compete,” Coach Josh Sadler said. “It’s a chance for us to get them out here at a high school facility and let them see what it’s like to be at the big high school stadium.”

Sadler is the offensive coordinator for the Temple Wildcats football team.

“It’s also a wonderful experience for us as high school coaches, because we get to go see the future of our programs,” he said.

That future, Sadler said, looks promising.

“We’ve got a bunch of kids out here that are A, fast, B, they compete, and C, they’re tough,” he said. “We’ve had some kids fall on the track and skin up a knee, and they pop right up and they keep on going — and there’s no crying or anything like that.”

Elizabeth Roysden, 10, was most looking forward to the field events, including the soccer relay, volleyball serve, and long jump. She ran in the cross country 400 meters, which wore her out.

“I have to run, like, the major ones, so I’m really tired,” Elizabeth said. “Field events are going to be my favorite because I’m actually pretty good at my field events.”

Elizabeth said she might consider trying out for track and field in middle school, but she’s more interested in other sports.

“I want to do tennis more, because I’m built for long distance, but I don’t like doing it that much at all,” she said.

Angel Esqueda, 10, said he was having a good time. He was also enjoying the field events most, having signed up for soccer, jump rope, and tug-of-war.

“I’m not a running person,” Angel said.