Outer Loop

Here is a map of the planned Outer Loop in Temple.

The Temple City Council approved more than $5 million worth of work Thursday to Old Waco Road for what will eventually become part of the proposed Outer Loop.

The contract with Tex-Global Contractors of Fort Worth will reconstruct the roadway from just south of West Adams Avenue to Tarver Road.

“We received a healthy round of six bids and we find the lowest bidder to be qualified and recommend award to the low bidder,” City Engineer Don Bond said.

The Council approved the contract 4-0. Councilman Mike Pilkington abstained as his company, Bell Contractors, made a bid on the project.

This represents part of the six-phase Outer Loop project, which is expected to wrap around West Temple, connecting at Interstate 35 on each end.

Earlier this week, Public Works Director Nicole Torralva said she expects the completed roadway to become a catalyst for economic development.

“When you really look at the full extent of the Outer Loop from north to south, it’s a facilitator for industrial growth,” Torralva said. “Outer Loop has really been a focus and an important aspect for the city to build that stretch of road so that we can continue to fuel the growth and development Temple is seeing in that part of the city.”

Now that the contract has been awarded, Torralva said work is expected to begin within the next 60 to 90 days.

“The project itself will take about 250 days to complete, so we expect the whole project down to Tarver will be done next spring,” she said.

The phase that was approved Thursday is identified as Phase 3B. Other phases to the north and south are anticipated through 2024.

City Manager Brynn Myers has included $9.8 million in the proposed 2019 budget to construct Phase 4, which would take the project farther south to Poison Oak Road.