Temple police are investigating an incident in which three children were allegedly put outside in the cold for several hours Tuesday.

An officer took a report of child endangerment at the Temple Police Department lobby. The officer talked to a father, who said his 13-year-old daughter, 11-year-old son and 10-year-old son were left with a female friend while he went to work several hours away from home, Officer Shawana Neely said Wednesday.

The father said he called and talked to his daughter, who told him they were afraid to be at the house with the woman because she’d put them out in the cold and wouldn’t let them back inside. The woman also wouldn’t let them eat the food their father bought them before he left, the daughter said.

The incident reportedly happened in the 400 block of Southwest HK Dodgen Loop.

According to the father, his children went to the home of a neighbor they didn’t know and stayed there until he got back. They were reportedly in the cold for several hours.

The case is active, Neely said.