Temple teachers will get a $3,000 to $5,725 boost on their paychecks this school year.

Superintendent Bobby Ott announced Temple Independent School District’s new compensation package Wednesday morning during its annual convocation event.

“The word we use for it is historic (for) what we’re doing in the Temple Independent School District for the compensation package,” school board President Dan Posey said. “The goals were to ensure that TISD was competitive, ahead of all of our peer districts at every position; ensure that the raises touched every single position in the district, which is important; and that they’re sustainable.”

Temple ISD plans to spend $72.1 million on personnel this school year. That is 76.9 percent of the district’s $93.8 million operational budget. Personnel accounted for 73.3 percent of last year’s operational budget of $89.4 million.

“Many school districts that we studied, when they released their compensation packages, they released it in terms of ‘historic average teacher increases of 6.5 percent’ — that number has been used by multiple school districts,” Ott told the Telegram. “As I told the staff: In Temple, we have redefined history because our average teacher increase is 9.2 percent. That is the largest (average increase) that I’m aware of in this area.”

A beginning teacher salary will be $50,225 — a $7,725 increase from last year’s pay of $44,500.

“We have been behind districts anywhere from $1,000 to $2,700 in starting teacher pay — until this year,” the superintendent said.

The new beginning teacher pay puts the district $25 ahead of Belton ISD’s starting salary of $50,200 and $75 behind Killeen ISD’s beginning pay of $50,300.

“That was a huge jump,” Ott said of the new teacher pay jump. “Our board and our administrative staff were very committed to making sure that the days of not being competitive are over.”

More tenured teachers, nurses and librarians will see raises based on their years of experience.

Teachers with one to five years of experience, respectively, will see raises between $5,425 and $4,250. Teachers in their sixth to ninth year will see a salary bump between $4,000 and $3,250.

Teachers in their 10th to 16th year will all get a $3,000 raise. Teachers between 17 and 23 years of experience will see salary increases between $3,300 and $5,100. Teachers with more than 24 years of experience will receive a $5,400 raise.

Temple ISD’s counselors, diagnosticians, custodial staff and hourly employees will see a raise between 4 to 5 percent.

“These are all equity adjustments,” Ott said. “We weren’t really far behind school districts so they got a 4 to 5 percent equity adjustment that makes them competitive or greater than their peers.”

The district’s coordinators and truancy officers were behind Temple ISD’s peer districts, Ott said. They will see a 6.5 to 9.3 percent pay increase.

“Every administrative position in the district was studied. Those equity adjustments are all over the place,” Ott said. “They’re from 6 percent to 12 percent depending on the position and the title.”

Teacher pay raises were a mandate from the Texas Legislature. House Bill 3 — the school finance and property tax reform law that lawmakers approved in the spring — boosts public education funding by $6.5 million and use $5.1 billion to lower school district tax rates.

HB 3 requires districts receiving additional state funds to spend 30 percent of the increase in compensation for full-time employees excluding administrators.

Temple ISD is getting $2.84 million in new funds from the state. Of that, 59 percent will go toward compensation.

“That is the highest investment toward compensation that I’m aware of in this area,” Ott said. “It’s double the statutory minimum.”

The compensation package, the school board president said, improves Temple ISD’s competitiveness.

“Not only is Temple ISD competitive in academics, student programs, facilities and innovation, but now we’re competitive in salaries,” Posey said.