Glenn David Barfield III

Glenn David Barfield III

LITTLE RIVER-ACADEMY — A man sought by three volunteer firefighters who reportedly impersonated law enforcement officers turned himself in Monday to the Bell County Sheriff’s Department.

Glenn David Barfield III, 40, of Little River-Academy previously was charged with a Class B misdemeanor of criminal mischief between $100 and $750, and his bond was set at $3,000, Bell County Jail records indicated.

Barfield previously failed to show up for a court date, so a bail bond company that previously guaranteed he would show up for court sent John Burroughs to find him. Burroughs, 31, of Temple is not a licensed bail bondsman — also called a bounty hunter — because he’s a convicted felon.

He, along with two other volunteer firefighters who apparently were helping him, were all released from the Bell County Jail.

Barfield’s release on bond was handled by Bad Boy Bail Bonds of Killeen, Barfield’s wife, London Harris, said.

Harris and Barfield made the decision to bond him out as quickly as possible because he lost money by not being at work and was worried about possibly losing his job, Harris said. His new bond was set at $3,000 because he missed a court date the couple said the previous bond company didn’t tell them about.

Barfield previously was bonded out by Anderson & White Bail Bonds — which on Friday bonded out Burroughs, one of three men who reportedly illegally impersonated law enforcement officers when they stopped Barfield’s wife in a vehicle. Burroughs, arrested Thursday, was released Friday after a $100,000 bond was posted.

Joshua Adkins and Joseph Mercer, who reportedly assisted Burroughs, were released before Burroughs on personal recognizance bonds, Bell County Chief Deputy Chuck Cox said.

A personal recognizance bond means neither man had to put up any money to be released, although their bonds were also set at $100,000 each. Each man had to promise he’d appear in court.

The charge

Adkins and Mercer, both licensed private investigators, were with Burroughs when the three men reportedly used their vehicles to box Harris’ vehicle in and stop her near FM 93 and Spur 93. Harris was alone in the car, Bell County Sheriff’s Maj. T.J. Cruz said. The trio reportedly used blue and red lights on their vehicles to make the stop, Cruz said.

Cruz added that Adkins reportedly started to pull a gun out of its holster, but then quickly put it back into the holster.

When Harris told the trio she was on the phone with 911, she said, they quickly got back into their own vehicles and headed toward Little River-Academy.

Burroughs was told to find Barfield, Anderson said, then he was supposed to call police officers to take him into custody. Burroughs’ son was in the front seat when the traffic stop was made, Cruz confirmed.

The men told Harris they were law enforcement officers but had nothing to show her to prove it, Harris said.

Adkins, Mercer and Burroughs, all volunteer firefighters with the Little River-Academy Volunteer Fire Department, were suspended pending the results of the investigation, president Karen Hoelker said. Burroughs, who is on probation, holds the office of assistant fire chief, while Mercer is a captain. Adkins is a firefighter.

Barfield has a criminal history, according to Texas Department of Public Safety criminal records. He was found guilty in 2006 of injury to a child/elderly/disabled by criminal negligence including the lesser included offense of reckless injury to a child, a state jail felony, and sentenced to six months in jail.

The remainder of his convictions include property theft, possessing with intent to use inhalant, vehicle burglary, assault causing bodily injury, escape from custody and several counts of driving with an invalid license.