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Temple keeps growing — this time through voluntary annexations.

The City Council on Thursday evening approved ordinances for the voluntary annexation of two large tracts — more than 305 acres — into the city. Each ordinance was approved 4-0 on a first reading after public hearings in which no one spoke.

The voluntary annexations are just south of Temple and along Hartrick Bluff Road. One tract is 185.2 acres and the other is 119.8 acres.

These two tracts, which are owned by Short Term Lending GP, are both scheduled to be developed into single family housing communities.

A vote on the final readings on both ordinances is scheduled for the next City Council meeting on May 16.

The Council also approved two resolutions, also 4-0, that start the voluntary annexation process for two other tracts totaling 136.9 acres.

The new annexations requests are for land owned by Temple Independent School District and Short Term Lending GP.

A 47.6-acre tract owned by Temple ISD is the site where officials plan to build a new elementary school to service to southeast part of Temple. That land is on the east side of Old State Highway 95 and south of Barnhardt Road. The resolution calls for city staff to develop a municipal services plan and call public hearings to consider the petition.

An 89.3-acre tract on the east side of Old Highway 95 is where a housing development is planned. A municipal services plan will be developed and a public hearing will be held. State regulations require the city to fulfill certain requirements before land can be annexed, voluntarily or outwise.

Public hearing on the two new annexation requests will be held on June 6 and 7.