Bus accident

A school bus and an 18-wheeler collided Thursday night in Troy. Several middle school athletes were transferred to Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple.

TROY — Concerned parents and school officials gathered along Central Avenue in Troy on Thursday night to comfort and support students who were involved in a serious wreck.

Several Troy ISD middle school football players and two coaches were in need of medical attention after one of the school’s buses collided with an 18-wheeler, witnesses at the scene said.

Troy Police officer Arlie Bridges was the first on the scene, after dispatches called officers to the intersection of Central Avenue — which runs alongside Interstate 35 — and Main Street at 9:03 p.m. He said it was not immediately clear how the wreck occurred, how many students had been injured, or who was at fault.

A triage was set up inside the First Baptist Church, located just off of Central Avenue. Parents and students — many wearing their football uniforms — could be seen entering the church to be examined for injuries.

The wreck drew many locals to the area. Jane Kelley said her sister was following the bus, and witnessed the accident.

“She called me, and she was hysterical,” Kelley said. “She said, ‘I just watched (Garrett’s) bus get hit by a semi. She said the semi ran through the intersection and hit the bus.”

Kelley rushed to the scene to support her sister and nephew, met them inside the church, and said her nephew did not appear to be injured.

“Everybody seems fine, but the kids are all shaken up,” Kelley said.

Bridges said the driver of the 18-wheeler was not injured, and was not transported to a hospital.

Troy ISD Superintendent Neil Jeter was at the scene to show support for his staff and students.

“Two coaches had to be transported (to the hospital), one was driving, the other was a passenger,” Jeter said. “They were both conscious. We’re thankful the injuries are not more serious, as far as we know. We’re proud of the staff and kids for how they handled the accident.”