Temple crime

Police in Temple will soon be getting a new furry sidekick to help them bite crime.

In a unanimous vote by the Temple City Council Thursday, members voted to purchase a newly trained K-9 unit for the Temple Police Department. The new K-9 unit will be the second that Temple has purchased, with the first having been bought earlier this year by the city.

The new K-9 unit, which comes trained by the company US K9, will cost the city $16,800, according to a staff report.

The cost includes five weeks of training that is needed for an officer to work well with their new partner.

Temple Police Department spokesman Cody Weems said as more dogs become available in the future the city eventually plans on increasing the number of K-9 units to four. This, he said, will make it so each of the city’s four patrol teams has access to one of the animals if needed.

The addition of K-9 units will help the department in various areas such as searching for lost children or finding hidden drugs, Weems said.

“K-9 units may be used to help locate and apprehend suspects or to search for non-criminals, such as lost children or individuals in need of medical attention,” Weems said. “The animals can also be utilized to search for objects or to detect narcotics. The addition of these K-9 units will ensure the department has the resources it needs to serve a growing city.”