Los Tres Magueyes

Work continues Wednesday on the new Los Tres Magueyes restaurant at General Bruce Drive and South 57th Street in Temple.

For Juan Flores and his brother Miguel, owning a restaurant is all about family and the future.

The restaurant they own together, Los Tres Magueyes 3, is now moving toward the future as well. The brothers are currently in the process of transforming the location at 2801 S. General Bruce Drive off Interstate 35 from a small taqueria into a full-fledged restaurant, complete with the ability to sell alcohol.

The restaurant’s ability to sell alcohol is the most recent of its developments, with the Temple City Council voting to approve the permit during a July 11 meeting with a 5-0 vote.

According to Juan, the restaurant will serve signature drinks as part of its menu.

“I think (the new place) is going to change everything,” Juan’s wife, Brenda Flores, said. “With the interstate right there it is going to be a big change. It is already a big change from when it was a little tire shop and a drive-through place that it was before.”

Miguel started the first restaurant back in 2001 at 518 N. Third St. As his business grew, Miguel was able to open a second location at 11 N. 29th St. with his cousin, and finally, a third location with his brother.

Juan started managing the third taqueria in 2010 and later used the funds earned from it to build his own place, Camino Real.

Juan recently had the money saved up from both restaurants to rebuild the small taqueria into a larger, full-service restaurant.

“I remember we didn’t have anything in our pockets whenever we started the little one,” Brenda Flores said. “Little by little, we started building capital to be able to go to Camino Real. Now that one is giving us money to be able to (build) this one.”

Juan and Miguel are both dedicated to seeing that the new restaurant comes out correctly, spending many hours managing or helping out with the construction.

The brothers’ wives have been a major driving force behind the construction and managing effort, Miguel said. When decisions need to be made in regards to the restaurant, all four members of the family get a chance to voice their opinions.

“When the four of us are about to make a decision, we make it together,” Brenda said. “We always make the decisions together and we think what is best for the family and for the business.”

For the two siblings and their wives, what sets their restaurants apart from others is their dedication.

“I know this business is on another level, it is no taqueria,” Miguel said. “What is going to make us different is that we are going to be here every day working as hard as we can to make it better.”

Growth in Bell County is one reason that Miguel chooses to stay in Temple.

“In the next 10 to 15 years, (Temple) is going to grow,” Miguel said. “It is time to make and invest my money here because I know my money is coming back in a few months or a few years.”