More than a dozen people in rock band T-shirts gathered Monday at the Lions Park dog park, listening to songs and remembering a friend.

The folks met to honor the passing of Bradford Williams, who died two years ago, with the dedication of a new park bench. Those who came were mainly from First Community Title, where Williams worked for 11 years.

The location for the bench, which was placed inside one of the park’s play area for dogs, was chosen due to Williams’s constant attendance of the park.

Claire Hartman, First Community Title co-owner, said the location was the only natural place they could think of to honor Williams. Williams took his dogs, Gabriel and Stewart, to the park almost every day to play, Hartman said.

“Those dogs were his life, they were his family,” Hartman said. “Every day he would either take them to the dog park or he would take them to Nolan Creek in Belton. So when we started talking, the dog park became a natural spot to place something in his memory.”

While the company has had the bench for almost a year, it was not until recently that weather conditions were good enough at the park to install it, Hartman said.

One of the company’s other co-owners, Brigitte Allen, said Williams had a unique presence about him that was always positive. He loved Van Halen and all things music — the reason why many in the group wore band shirts at the dedication.

“Brad was very dedicated to his dogs,” Allen said. “He had a big heart and did a lot of good things, so I thought people needed to remember him. When you do good things, you should be remembered.”