Farm Days

Farm Days is scheduled from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

TROY — Llama shearing, live music and local vendors will be featured at a new event scheduled Saturday at the Silo House at Laughing Llama Farm.

The event — conceived as a way for Central Texas llama owners to get their animals sheared and vaccinated — has now turned into a festival focusing on local products and farmers.

Farm Days at Laughing Llama Farm was rescheduled from its original May 4 date.

“I am also an artist and I have been a vendor in the past. I know how important these sorts of gatherings are for (the) people who are coming out on Saturday,” farm owner Bonnie Feaster Chapa said. “I do hope this is something that we can do annually, that we do in conjunction with shearing our llamas.”

Chapa hopes that she can turn the event into an annual gathering.

Some local farmers don’t usually get their llamas sheared or vaccinated mainly because the costs of hiring a veterinary specialist. Because of the danger that causes to the lives of the animals, with some dying of the summer heat, Chapa hopes that this event becomes a way for llama owners to get these veterinary services for their animals cheaply and regularly.

In addition to these services for llama owners, Chapa wanted to expand her event to include local farmers and business owners.

“(What we wanted to do) was to invite all the different farms, artisans, food vendors, crafters, and everyone else out in our community to be a part of this and to show off what they can do,” Chapa said. “There are a lot of entrepreneurs and creative people out there that do things like this, and we wanted to share this kind of opportunity with other people as well.”

Chapa expects, based upon the number of people who have already shown interest, that there will be around 500 to 800 people at the event.  Most will not be llama owners but locals interested in the other activities and vendors.

Activities at the farm, located at 4037 Deer Creek Road, will start at 8 a.m. and will continue until 4 p.m.