Leon River search

Temple firefighter Brad Wentz works as a spotter Wednesday from the State Highway 317 bridge over the Leon River during a search for two kayakers.

Two empty kayaks near the Leon River prompted Belton and Temple Police officers and firefighters to search the Leon River Wednesday.

Turns out, the kayakers were OK. They got separated from their vessels and were successfully located by authorities, officials said.

The search involved Temple and Belton Police and firefighters from Temple, Belton, Morgan’s Point Resort and Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens

The search began late Wednesday afternoon for an adult and child possibly seen earlier in the kayaks, Temple Fire & Rescue spokesman Thomas Pechal said.

Water from Lake Belton was flowing into the Leon River Wednesday afternoon as the lake is almost 12 feet above normal elevation.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is releasing 4,534 cubic feet per second from Lake Belton.