Bioscience District

Temple Health and Bioscience District Board of directors got a look of how the district is faring on social media at its monthly board meeting on Wednesday.

Ashley Schlosser, CEO of Live Out Loud PR, has been tracking the district’s activities on social media.

On Twitter @TEMPLEHBO has increased followers by 31 percent since the last quarter.

The increase was probably due to the number of events — conferences and networking — Tami Annable, interim director, and Schlosser attended in the past quarter.

Instagram use has grown with 116 posts and 69 followers, Schlosser said.

This quarter will have some campaigns to drive up users, she said.

In three months time the District’s Facebook had 5,587 unique clicks on content.

The article about the District in Tex Appeal Magazine generated a number of likes, shares and comments.

The District’s presence on social media will grow with time. Schlosser said.

Wendell Williams, a District board member, asked Schlosser to compare the Temple Bioscience District’s social media numbers to a similar incubator in size and time in operation.

“I can do a competitor analysis,” she said.

Annable reported on some tenant activity, particularly SiMMo3D. The two principals, Colin Dodson and Ryan Quinn, spoke at the San Antonio Emerging Venture Pipeline Quarterly Luncheon, hosted by the Texas Research and Technology Foundation and Velocity Texas.

“This was great opportunity to get in front of investors and network with other local entrepreneurs,” Annable said.

The two also attended the Mimics Innovation three-day training course in Plymouth, Mich. There they learned new and different methods for creating organ models for physicians.

Using MRI data, CT scans, synthetic polymer resin and a 3-D printer, SiMMo3D makes organ models, also called teaching tissues, used for medical training and for planning specific procedures.

In October, Schlosser and Annable attended MEDTECH conference in San Jose, Calif., and made more than 80 contacts. They’ve had five direct contacts for THBD’s tenant contacts.

Getting THBD exposed to top industry specialist who are on the cutting edge of their fields is important, Schlosser said.

“The contacts we made were on point with what you guys are looking for as tenants,” she said.

Annable was looking to establish relationships with possible contacts for the District’s Lunch and Learn initiative.

Schlosser took videos that were posted on the District’s social media outlets.

Annable and Schlosser attended the Defense Innovation Summit in Florida.

The attendees at the conference were startups that were further along with funding than the District’s typical businesses.

“They are at the point where they’re trying to get contracts with the DOD (Department of Defense),” Annable said. “I don’t think this is a good place for us to be.”