Home construction

Houses are built in the Lake Pointe subdivision in Temple on Thursday, September 6, 2018. Michael Miller/Telegram

Another wave of new homes is coming to West Temple. The City Council approved a rezoning request Thursday to allow for a subdivision on 169 acres.

The Council unanimously approved the first reading of the rezoning for the property at North Pea Ridge Road and Alabama Avenue. The property is currently zoned for agriculture.

The development is part of the Lake Pointe subdivision, which is planned to include several hundred homes when complete. It is located within the Belton Independent School District.

The development will have a primary access point on North Pea Ridge Road, which Assistant Planning Director Lynn Barrett pointed out is scheduled to be upgraded in the future.

Barrett said the developer has also purchased a strip of property to the west to create an entrance from State Highway 317.

“It does not abut Highway 317. However, the developer has purchased a right of way strip that does abut highway 317 to provide access into this subdivision,” Barrett said.

The city sent notices to 110 adjacent property owners. As of Aug. 23, six were returned in agreement and five in disagreement of the rezoning.

Only one resident spoke during the public hearing for the item. Marlene Lastovica has land adjacent to the subject property. While she doesn’t oppose the development, she wanted to know if there would be fencing separating her property from the subdivision.

“My farm will be to the south of this development,” Lastovica said. “Will there be a privacy fence running east to west?”

Developer Josh Welch of WBW Development said the development should fit in seamlessly with surrounding neighborhoods and homes will have fences behind them.

“We’re going to do our best to replicate the quality of the neighborhood and the success we’ve had with Lake Pointe. The homes will all have privacy fences backing up behind them,” Welch said.

Lastovica also asked about drainage requirements.

“Will there be a retention pond? You would be amazed at what comes floating across the farm,” she said.

Welch responded that significant drainage work is already in place from prior phases of development.

“There’s already a regional detention pond on the property. When we were developing Lake Pointe, that made the best sense to have a regional detention pond to serve Lake Pointe that we already did and this property, so a lot of the drainage infrastructure is already in place,” Welch said.

Barrett added that the project will be subject to the city’s drainage and engineering standards at the platting stage, where the developer must submit a detailed overview plan of the project.

“The drainage questions are a part of the platting process where all the drainage infrastructure and engineering is required to be shown,” Barrett said. “We have not seen the plat yet. That would be forthcoming.”

A second reading will be needed for final approval at the Sept. 20 meeting.