Belton Independent School District has confirmed reports that two students used a racial slur in a social media video recently.

District spokeswoman Elizabeth Cox said the district takes reports like this seriously.

“The district recently became aware of a Snapchat post featuring Belton High School students using inappropriate, culturally insensitive language,” Cox said in a written statement. “We have no tolerance for the language used in the video.”

Schools are restricted in what information they can share about individual students under FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1974.

In most instances, schools cannot release information about a student’s disciplinary record without written permission from a parent.

“The Student Code of Conduct primarily addresses consequences for behavior that takes place at school or at school-related activities,” Cox said. “However, some out-of-school behaviors may result in a school consequence. Individual student discipline records are confidential.”

Cox condemned the language used in the video.

“Belton ISD strives to create safe, secure and inclusive campus cultures,” she said. “The content of the video goes against the district’s efforts. We have no tolerance for the language used in the video.”