Dove hunters, decked out in camo, pursue mourning and white-winged doves in a Fort Hood training area.

Hunters have a new online guide — thanks for the Fort Worth District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Officials recommend hunters review the guide prior to hunting on Corps of Engineers land since new areas have been added.

The guide reminds hunters of important safety tips:

• Hunters are responsible for knowing where property boundaries are and are reminded it is illegal to shoot across property lines.

• All hunters should be respectful of adjacent landowners, other hunters, and any other recreational users and use common courtesy when in the field.

• Hunters are encouraged to report any illegal activities that are occurring and to do their part to preserve hunting opportunities on public land.

• Hunters should remember to keep safety as their top priority and to follow all hunting laws. Texas Parks and Wildlife Division’s hunter information is available at

The Corps also advises caution when ever on or near the water. As always, visitors are encouraged to wear a life jacket, follow warning signs, and be aware of their surroundings. All of the Fort Worth District dams and lakes continue to operate as designed.

Information can also be obtained at the Corps Bell County lake office near the Belton Dam.