TISD donation

Temple Independent School District board members, staff and members of the Temple Chamber of Commerce, Temple Economic Development Corp. and the Temple Industrial Foundation celebrate a $9,808 donation to the district.

Students participating in Temple High School’s career and technical education courses this spring will no longer have to worry about how they will have to pay for some of their pricy certification exams.

This is all due to the donations of the Temple Chamber of Commerce, Temple Economic Development Corp. and the Temple Industrial Foundation. These three groups came together to donate more than $9,800 to cover the costs of 97 high school seniors to take these certification tests at the end of the year.

The CTE programs were started by the high school in order to help students get experience in, and then pursue, career programs outlined by the state.

Temple High School currently supports 12 out of the state’s 14 outlined career clusters, with 18 career pathways among those 12 clusters. The Temple Independent School District invested in, and completed, a new 113,000-square foot building at Temple High School for these programs.

According to the school district, the estimated cost for last year’s 97 students interested in getting a certification from the program was close to $14,000.

“Providing the opportunity to receive professional certifications has a tangible impact on students’ lives,” said Temple Economic Development Corp. chairman Steve Wright, a former TISD school board president. “It will give our students an advantage in their careers and simultaneously build a workforce for local companies.”

The money donated by the three groups will cover around 71 percent of this spring’s total cost in the program. Temple ISD said that it will cover the remaining 29 percent of the program’s costs.

“Our focus was to try and find out what we could do to help these kids,” Harry Macey, chairman of the Temple Industrial Foundation, said. “They go through the process and take the classes, and when it comes to test time the monetary resources might not be available. Our part was easy, we just wrote out a check to have the funds available for these kids, the hard part was done by the kids and the teachers.”