Andrew Paul Hernandez

 Andrew Paul Hernandez

Temple Police officers stormed through a home’s front door on Sept. 12 to help an allegedly beaten woman.

Arrested after he was found in a home in the area of West Avenue M and South 33rd Street home was Andrew Paul Hernandez, 21, of Temple. He was charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault, a first-degree felony.

The victim was allegedly punched in the face and head by Hernandez, and blood in the bathroom and bedroom of the house showed where some of the violence reportedly occurred, an arrest affidavit said. The officers saw “significant injuries.”

A friend of the victim called 911 to report Hernandez broke into the victim’s house and hit her in the face. When the caller left, both Hernandez and the woman were still inside the house.

Officers knocked on the front door and said they were Temple Police officers. The woman talked through a closed door and said she was “OK.” She was told by officers they had to see her so they could do a welfare check, but she didn’t answer.

Once they broke in, officers found the woman and took pictures of her injuries.

The warrant for Hernandez’s arrest was issued Sept. 13 by Bell County Justice of the Peace David Barfield. He was booked into the Bell County Jail and bond was set at $100,000.