BELTON — A suspect with four felony charges mistakenly had his bond reduced in a Bell County courtroom before new charges were filed, officials said.

Billie Devont’e Scott, 21, of Killeen, was jailed on two third-degree felony charges — accident involving serious bodily injury and evading arrest or detention with a vehicle. He is also charged with stealing a vehicle and a felony drug charge.

Two of his bonds — for accident involving injury and evading arrest or detention with a vehicle — were reduced Monday to $10,000 personal recognizance bonds in the 426th District Court by Judge Fancy Jezek.

There wasn’t a charging complaint on file in those two cases, according to Jezek’s docket notes obtained by the Telegram.

“At a motion to reduce bond filed by his attorney, there was a brief kerfuffle concerning the location of charging documents in the courts file that resulted in the court ordering a $10,000 personal recognizance bond in each case,” District Attorney Henry Garza said. “In the meantime, we filed additional charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance less than 1 gram. Bonds in these new charges are set at $25,000 each.”

The original charges of evading arrest in a motor vehicle and accident involving injury were refiled, and bonds on these cases currently totaled $150,000, according to Garza. 

“Mr. Scott is in custody and has remained in custody since his arrest,” Garza added.

A Telegram call to Jezek’s office wasn’t returned Thursday.

Scott’s bonds Thursday totaled $200,000 after the error was discovered and fixed.

Tim Mahler, Scott’s attorney, said he plans to file for a motion for a new bond reduction hearing.

Along with the reduced bonds, certain restrictions were placed on Scott by Jezek, including where he was to reside. A curfew was imposed on Scott, and he was instructed not to drive. He was ordered to have no contact with the victim or other co-defendants, according to Jezek’s docket sheets.

Scott wasn’t ever released from the jail, Mahler said Thursday. The mistake was fixed either Tuesday or Wednesday morning, Mahler said. He wouldn’t say who made the mistake, but said he was glad it wasn’t him.

Stephanie Newell is the prosecuting attorney for the Bell County District Attorney’s office.

The alleged offenses

Scott on Aug. 4 reportedly drove a stolen vehicle and fled at high speeds from a Killeen Police officer who recognized the vehicle was stolen, an arrest affidavit said. The driver reached speeds over 75 mph on residential streets where the speed limit was 30 mph.

The stolen vehicle, reported missing July 25, reportedly was involved in several disturbances and a shots-fired call, according to another affidavit. Two vehicles were reported missing from the victim’s driveway — a black Dodge and white Nissan Rogue.

The stolen vehicle passed a vehicle and, went in the turn lane, struck a man riding an all-terrain vehicle and then struck a parked car at a daycare center.

The driver, late identified as Scott, and two passengers got out of the Nissan and ran. Scott was captured after a foot chase.

The man on the ATV had bruising and scrapes on his arms, legs and top of his head after he was struck by the car.  

Scott never stopped to help the victim, the affidavit said.