Temple crime

A Temple teenager was identified Thursday as the machete-toting man arrested by police.

Issac Lee Collingswood, 17, was arrested for criminal trespass and evading arrest or detention, Temple Police Department’s spokesman Chris Christoff said

Collingswood wasn’t listed Thursday as one of the jail inmates, but he was an inmate at the jail, Bell County Chief Deputy Chuck Cox said. His booking photo was unavailable because the Texas Youth Commission has a hold on him in connection with a juvenile record.

“He is 17, which makes him old enough to be charged as an adult on the new Temple case. However, he has a previous juvenile adjudication and is under the custody of TYC,” Cox said. “They have a revocation hold.”

Collingswood wasn’t charged with having the machete — which he dropped before he ran from officers. He was located near the Ralph Wilson Youth Club, which was placed on a hard lockdown for about 30 minutes upon notification by Temple Police, Brett Williams, executive director, said.

Carrying a machete in public is not against Texas law.