Running down President Trump is so disrespectful! He is a businessman who knows money. Most people can’t balance their checkbooks. President Trump doesn’t accept a salary. I praise him for loving America — at least we know his background!

I would like to congratulate the Temple Daily Telegram on the extensive series covering Wolves and Yellowstone National Park.

Thousands of migrants, mostly illegals, come to the U.S. empty-handed while U.S. taxpayers are involuntarily paying outrageous amounts of money to support them. Why aren’t they being made to support themselves?

My heart goes out to the people of El Paso and Dayton, Ohio. As always after a tragic event like these the Socialist Democrat Party starts the same old line, enhanced background checks, do away with the Second Amendment and blame the president for being a racist or white nationalist and for …

Recently, at 5:30 p.m., the Temple Planning committee entered with little or no conversation between themselves or with the audience. Their haste was perceived as anxious to get-it-over with and let’s go home!

America is not the “beacon light illuminating the conscience of all the world’s nations”, as the Rev. Harrison stated in his July 1 letter. When the Bible was removed from America’s government, schools, military, churches, and families, “truth” and “light” were removed (Psa 119:105,130; Isa …

The people who want open borders do not want to help society. They want to collapse the United States. The United States can only assimilate a maximum of 300,000 immigrants a year without destroying the theory and practice of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. A video called “…

Let us be extremely clear: Communist China plans to dominate the planet. Everything in China is connected to the military, including all 499 of their biggest companies, all owned by the government.

Times now, there is not enough said about good things or people. I had two short stays at our local Baylor Scott & White Hospital in July.

Thank you, Waldo Montgomery, for sharing your experiences with the wolves in Yellowstone. My husband and I are animal lovers and have enjoyed reading about the wolves. We have read all your letters about wolves in “Letters to the Editor.” Hope to see more.

Have you ever wondered why Congress can’t cut the budget? I once heard a plumber explain his method of dealing with service calls and I think Congress is using the same formula for dealing with the nation’s problems.

The Constitution does not mention political parties. It appears that they were formed shortly after the formation of the nation because George Washington mentioned them in his Farewell Address. He warned against “the baneful effect of the spirit of party” as inciting American citizens “with …

I would like to thank the two ladies for stopping in front of my house on July 22, where I had fallen. Carla and Mesha helped me off the ground and to my porch after setting out the recycle can.

When I read about the young mother’s death due to a rock tossed from an overpass it was with heavy heart. Children now have no mother; a future husband no wife, mother and father no daughter. What cost is a human life, can we not understand there are those who will always do something like this.