Have you ever wondered why Congress can’t cut the budget? I once heard a plumber explain his method of dealing with service calls and I think Congress is using the same formula for dealing with the nation’s problems.

It goes something like this. The first time the customer calls you ignore them. Eventually they will call back in desperation. You tell them you will get there as soon as you are able, but you don’t. At some point they will call again either begging or cussing because the problem has become so terrible. This, he said, is when you know it’s time to fix the problem. The customer is then so happy to have their water or sewer leak repaired that they forget about the delay and don’t care what it costs.

Congress often ignores our problems. They deliberately let them escalate until it becomes a crisis, much like the problem we now face at the border. They use the same approach with the budget. They argue back and forth letting time run out, eventually forcing a government shutdown. The media helps by exaggerating the problem until it gets to the point that the public is so frustrated that they don’t care what it costs as long as they do something.

Besides, who cares about a few trillion dollars when it’s not even your money you’re spending?

Gene Janicek