Your editorial of June 25 was somewhat inaccurate and misleading.

Declining gun sales was not the primary reason for the bankruptcy of United Sporting Companies. Court documents show that in 2013 and 2016, the executives of the company took out large loans to expand their business. Rather than using the loans for this reason, they converted the money into large cash bonuses for several executives of the company and numerous other unidentified individuals.

It’s believed that the company executives expected a huge spike in sales following the 2016 election of Hillary Clinton, and that this sales spike would hide the diversion of the funds. When this expected sales spike didn’t occur, United Sporting was unable to meet its financial obligations, and was forced to file bankruptcy.

The closure and liquidation of United Sporting Companies wasn’t primarily caused by declining gun sales, it was caused by greed and corruption on the part of company executives, and the unexpected outcome of an election that deprived them of a way to hide their corruption.

Mike Hughes