I see my latest letter to the editor succeeded in putting a burr under the saddle of Kyle Fino.

Obviously this individual has not played a violent video game where the goal of the game is to kill as many as possible to win. I was conditioned to play one of the most unpopular video game of the ’60s and ’70s: Vietnam.

Two segments of this game come to mind, the battle of Tan Binh on Feb. 24, 1966, where hundreds were killed, and the 1968 TET offensive, where unknown numbers were killed. As an infantry officer you reach a point to have no feelings for those that lost the game. This is the same conditioning that those who commit violent crimes experience after playing violent video games for hours upon hours. It was not the U.S. military men and women that lost the game. It was the occupant of the Oval Office and the do-nothing members of the Congress that lost this game.

Capt. (retired) Charlie R. Lewellen