Sad day in America!

But … not our president’s fault. Yes, he does speak his mind — but I’m referring to the hatred, which if you go back to the previous president, the hatred really started there — with the Ferguson riots, which the then-president inflamed; on to degrading/demeaning law enforcement which is still going on; cop killings, Baltimore; condemning an innocent Hispanic. Just Google “riots during the Obama administration.” I was shocked at what I read.

The Democrats are still spewing hatred, blaming President Trump. They need to address where this all really started. They like to talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. Why don’t they remove the hatred from their mouths and hearts and work with our president?

If you want unbiased news — Fox News. People — wake up!

I know our president is not totally blameless, but from what I know and have heard, he seems to love America and wants the best for her people. (At least he didn’t sell our uranium to our enemy and profit from it or give an enemy country billions of our dollars!)

I just get sick each time I see/hear a Democrat and what comes out of their mouths. I watch their faces as they talk. They need to come back to D.C. and do some work, what they seem to have been doing for 2-plus years is shaming. President Trump cannot fix this by himself.

The saddest sickest part is that the Democrats use these situations to further their own agendas. No Heart! No respect!

C. Schiller