Thousands of migrants, mostly illegals, come to the U.S. empty-handed while U.S. taxpayers are involuntarily paying outrageous amounts of money to support them. Why aren’t they being made to support themselves?

These same migrants broke the U.S. law by sneaking into our country — making them criminals. Now the Democrats and others are crying “crocodile” tears about their living conditions after visiting areas they have probably never been to and most likely will never go to again. Isn’t it well past time to put Americans first instead of illegals? Some of you feel very sorry for the illegals and you need to take the blinders off your eyes and take a good look at your fellow Americans. You might be surprised at what you see.

The TDT had an article in July 14 edition on page 6A, about how it is costing American taxpayers $750-$800 a day for each child for them to be kept at the Carrizo Springs camp. Is everything there made of gold? There are Americans who don’t even earn that much a month.

The first migrants built their lives in America with hard work. Unfortunately, the cost was high for Native Americans who lost their land and home and were treated worse than the illegal migrants of today.

Will today’s American citizens’ end up like the Native Americans did? You would be wrong if you don’t think that will happen. It already is.

Martha Merath