The people who want open borders do not want to help society. They want to collapse the United States. The United States can only assimilate a maximum of 300,000 immigrants a year without destroying the theory and practice of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. A video called “Gum Ball Immigration” at shows this very graphically.

The video states the world has 80 million people a year born into a life living on less than $2 a day. This was defined as extreme poverty. Supposing the USA could assimilate 2 million immigrants a year, there would still be an additional 78 million living in extreme poverty. We cannot improve the life and education of the whole world here. So, what is the solution?

Why do they all want to come to the USA? Is the soil? Is it the natural resources? No. We are the only country on Earth that was founded on the principles of God-given rights and human equality. Our Constitution is based upon Biblical principles. So what should we do?

If we truly care about society, instead of letting people flood into our country, we should export the principles of the Declaration, Constitution and Bible to the world. We could bring prosperity and happiness to the whole 7 billion people of the world. Oh, I forgot, first we have to educate the socialists in our own country who have turned the First Amendment inside out, controlled public schools and filled our courts with activists.

Rayford K Brown