I love reading my Temple Telegram while having coffee every morning! This is the perfect way to start my day!

Friday, Nov. 22, was very special! When I opened my Telegram, the first thing I saw was two beautiful models, Kayla and Jessica, who entertained the huge crowd attending Altrusa’s 33 “Taste of the Holidays,” wearing colorful fashions from Magnolia’s in Salado. This brought back wonderful memories when my store, The Rose Bud, was honored to present Altrusa’s annual fundraiser. Altrusans are the pros for staging the best and most attended social event of the year. Altrusa is a very well-oiled machine that knows how to put together such an outstanding event. Hats off to this great group!

I have heard folks don’t read newspapers anymore. This, my friends, is a dumb statement! The Telegram is a gift! Local news is still the best. I would love to see Michael Miller’s photos of wonderful events and local characters more often.

Yes, I am one of the “older” generation, who love to support these events! I am not a big fan of all the new equipment used for impersonal communication. I still believe reading, writing and arithmetic are the best ways to stimulate brain power. My generation was brought up by parents who expected the best from us. We were taught to say “thank you and please,” Working hard was a privilege and reading the newspaper was a great road to education! Many of us turned out OK.

Please let us see more wonderful photos and write-ups in the Telegram! Thank you.

Betty Thrasher