Trump’s tariff war with China ended up screwing U.S. farmers by destroying their many years of hard work to establish trade with China.

Then Trump tried to ease his chaotic war by giving farmers billions of dollars in recompense. The cap for any individual farm was set at $125,000. However, half of the payments have gone to the top 10 percent of farm recipients. The richest farms were allowed to dodge this set amount and 82 farms got $500,000 and one farm received $2.8 million. The bottom 80 percent of recipients got an average of $5,000.

Once again, Trump is taking care of the top tier mega-farms. The rules for this Trump socialist give-a-way, “Market Facilitation Program,” allowed relatives who do not contribute meaningful work on the farms to receive farm payments.

How is that for fairness and transparency? Meanwhile, soybeans are rotting in the silos. Now we have a second round of payments because of Trump’s absolute “stable genius” incompetence. The new payments will be based not on volume produced, but acreage instead. Therefore, if a mega-farmer plants only half his acreage, he will still be rewarded for his full acreage and the small farmer will be paid for his much smaller acreage even if the volume produced is the same.

Now China is refusing to buy any U.S. agricultural products. Trump’s Agricultural Secretary, Sunny Perdue, now says farmers are whiners.

Nancy Pfiester

Harker Heights