My husband and I moved to Temple 3½ years ago and I kicked it off right by writing an incendiary letter (to some) about my initial impressions and why I had been transferred to Central Texas.

Now, having sold my home and getting ready to leave for my next assignment, I wanted to say thank you. Your community has been very welcoming. The neighbors have been great.

I’ve learned a lot about how things work here with health care among other areas, and I think you have built yourself a wonderful community, and thank you for letting us be a part of it for a short time.

My only unsolicited parting advice is this: please be aware of those who are not on your radar. Those that do not access services in the city, the county or the state. Those that do not look like you, worship like you, talk like you, etc. Instead, I would ask that you go out of your way to find these people to bring them into the light, show them that you are a truly loving Christian.

And help them access the care that they need to combat the suicide rates and sexually transmitted infection rate that dominates the state of Texas and right here in Bell County.

The law enforcement I’ve met in the area are very proactive when it comes to mental health. And I know that if your city, county and state leaders focus on what actually matters, your future is bright. All my best to you and yours. Respectfully,

Matthew Saylor