On March 31, my storage unit just north of Rogers was broken into. They took an antique steamer trunk full of vintage drapes and curtains, some from Germany; a 4-foot display case that opened in the front; a blue dolly with flat tires; and an antique china cabinet, stained dark, with gorilla tape holding the bottom cross stabilizers together.

A video was given to the Rogers Police Department but nothing has been done yet. We know the truck was a dually. I have stopped by the police station several times but a month ago was told they were attempting to hire someone who could enhance the film to make out the license number; was told Monday this past week the same thing.

I am asking, why is this taking so long? I will never get my things back, and this person is getting away with theft. Two officers serving in Rogers for a seven-day, 24-hour time limit is very irresponsible.

Meanwhile, the storage unit two doors down from mine also was broken into. This thief put their own lock on the door, and was returning and taking more items out! Wake up, Rogers, you have a crime wave in your neighborhood and do not care enough to put an end to it.

Melaney DuCoin