Currently, Communist China is violently breaking its treaty with Great Britain concerning Hong Kong.

China absolutely controls its 1.3 billion people and wants the same for Hong Kong’s eight million. Hong Kong is one of the world’s top 10 financial districts. China is mired in recession, debt, totalitarianism, a shrinking economy and expensive military buildup. Its expanding economic and military exploitation of many countries defines colonialism.

Hong Kong’s population is afraid and protesting. Much Hong Kong money is flowing offshore. Communists began escalating violence in Hong Kong with Antifa-style attacks on peaceful protests. When thwarted, communists always resort to violence. Notice that only the communist police have guns. Protesters sprayed with blue dye are in for a bad time.

All Democrat candidates for president want totalitarian control over Americans. They act and speak like the communists they are. Some talk in violent terms. Sanders cozies with Russia, Biden with China. They want to take your guns, money, free speech and freedom in all aspects of your life. Showing their duplicity, they promise to seize your guns at gunpoint. They work tirelessly at destroying the rule of law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the American economy, police and ICE agencies, border security and the presidency.

Antifa, a Democrat hate organization similar to Hitler’s Brown Shirts, violently attacks conservatives and Republicans who protest Democrat schemes.

Hong Kong is a microcosm of America’s future if the radical Democrats gain control. You will be left with nothing. God bless President Donald Trump.

Peter Jessup