Let us be extremely clear: Communist China plans to dominate the planet. Everything in China is connected to the military, including all 499 of their biggest companies, all owned by the government.

Their Belt and Roads Forum (BARF), tariffs, unfair trade, enormous theft of foreign intellectual property, and military buildup is all aimed at this goal. BARF lends money to foreign governments that have no hope of repaying it, eventually making them Chinese lackeys, buys ports and undersea communication cables. The commies buy or militarily threaten other countries into their sphere of influence.

They have strong ties to our other enemies: Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.

They fund organizations in our universities to propagandize, brainwash, spy and steal intellectual property while supporting 351,000 Chinese student infiltrators studying here in 2018.

For decades, American dollars from Chinese tariffs on our exports, disparate trade practices, intellectual property theft and WTO membership have built their economy to now rival ours. These practices have depleted our manufacturing industries.

Make no mistake; they have been at war with us a long time. Our past administrations did nothing to rein them in. Trump is our savior. He is winning this economic war they started.

Thanks to him, the Chinese economy is collapsing. Better them than us. Better this than an inevitable shooting war in the future, or worse, surrender by a future Democrat administration.

Manufacturers are fleeing China. Our economy is thriving under Trump’s tariff and intellectual property policies. China can’t feed itself and has millions of people in real concentration camps and mass graves. Our magnificent farmers support Trump and continue to be the breadbasket of the world.

God bless President Trump and stop using Google.

Peter Jessup