I’ve lived in Temple 24 years, served in the U.S. Air Force 12½ years, was honorably discharged. Each civilian employment lasted a minimum of 4 years. I always maintained a good work reference. I paid my income taxes throughout. I don’t have a police record.

Through my 66 years, I’ve witnessed changes: A slow, justifiable decline in trust of our federal government! This government focuses on “saving face” in the global aspect.

About 3 years ago, I stopped driving, due to stupidity of society’s drivers. How many responsible good drivers have to “save” the lives of stupid drivers in order to save their own by avoiding collisions, incidents, etc. This arrangement proved impractical.

So, I was driven to the local drivers’ license office. The clerk asked for my birth certificate. Immediately, I stepped back. I gazed about the awaiting others, in hope of seeing someone suspicious. She had my invalid license in hand, punched computer, said, “you have no birth certificate on file.” I took the DL and made a bee-line to the door. How dare that woman question my place of birth — to prove I’m a citizen of this country. I was insulted.

Just how many of other loyal Americans are insulted?

The authorities, the powers that be, I feel, have allowed the situation of the southern border to exist.

“The land of opportunity!” Opportunity to what, commit fraud, be a burden to taxpayers, etc.? The employers who hire illegal aliens also see an opportunity — cheap labor — more money for me!

Come on authorities, you’re insulting the very folks whom put you where you are!

Robert K. Dowell