Political season is just around the corner. It’s going to get ugly, as it always does. This Father’s Day, let’s relish these moments of simplicity and tranquility, for as long as possible.

I think most of us Texans can agree that yard maintenance and outdoor grilling are high priorities for a lot of us. What I propose is this time of year, is we find the simple things that link us together as people and Texans, and remember that no matter how we vote (or don’t), that we’re all human beings, trying to be the best we can, striving to be a little better than the day before.

As you are out enjoying Father’s Day, wave at your neighbors, give them a smile, a wave, and even a “hello.” Try and keep in the back of your mind that just because a person votes one way or the other, that we are still friends and neighbors first, and that needn’t change.

My hope for 2020 is that we Central Texans each take a deep breath and hit pause before diving-in head-first into those politically charged debates with our cohorts. Instead, in that split moment, what if we assume that we are all good people at our core, who above all else, seek the best for this country, and the world at large.

This Father’s Day, whether you stand on the left or right politically, as Texans let’s try and agree on some basics. At the end of the day, we want our yards to look fabulous, our burgers to taste phenomenal and our drinks to be cold. Happy Father’s Day guys and gals!

Kat Kaliski