Finally, I heard on TV something I have long thought. Jaco Booyens called out sex-trafficking as slavery.

In Texas alone there are some 76,000 sex slaves and hundreds of thousands nationwide. Many are trafficked over the border and many are young American girls and boys, 90 percent girls, kidnapped and/or enslaved around 12 years old and younger. The victims live on average seven years in slavery before dying from addiction, physical and emotional abuse, hopelessness, despair, and suicide.

Epstein and his “clients” are the tip of the slave-trading iceberg. Sex-slave users pervade the entire community.

What is particularly disgusting is that many Americans advocate for open borders. These include Democrat politicians and presidential candidates, the Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers, farmers and others. Some of these want cheap labor, itself a form of slavery. It puts Americans out of work and pushes down the low end of the wage scale.

They claim illegals come here to work for a better life. Some do, but a few years ago the numbers changed. The majority now come for welfare. This enslaves the American taxpayer who must work and pay taxes to support them.

This is repulsive. Open borders must be eliminated. If you vote for any Democrat for president, you are voting for slavery.

In the 1800s, Democrats fought against the abolition of slavery. Nothing much has changed.

God bless President Trump.

Peter Jessup