CDR Francis T. Kostohryz, MD

CDR Francis T. Kostohryz, MD

CDR Francis T. Kostohryz, MD, passed away October 2 at his home in Memphis, TN. He was 88. He was born December 13, 1929 in Waco, Texas, the only child of the Reverend Frank J. Kostohryz and Mrs. Hermine Hurta Kostohryz.

Francis, an Eagle Scout, graduated from Temple High School in 1946, attended Schreiner University, and then went on to study medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

He fell in love with the sea and took time off from school to sign on as a Merchant Marine in order to earn his tuition money. He graduated from UTMB in 1956, and then joined the Navy, where he served from 1956 until he retired in 1980.

While in the Navy Frank served as a Submarine Medical Officer, general practitioner, radiologist, and Chief of Radiology.

Retired life suited Frank and he always kept an active interest in learning new things, taking classes at the local Vo-Tech school in subjects such as HVAC, small engine repair, and locksmithing. He had a great love for learning, and the simple things in life: sunrises and sunsets, trees, the ocean. Cooking. Family. Cats ... especially his beloved cat, Rhett. He loved history, politics and opera. He had a great love for his country and the military. He had a tender heart with a soft spot for sailors.

He really wanted to see his 89th birthday.

His advice: “You have to march to your own drummer”.

Dr. K helped fund the CEFT Frank J. & Hermine Hurta Kostohryz Residency in Czech Music and Culture at the University of North Texas, and the Francis T. Kostohryz, MD, Residency Fund in Radiology at UTMB, as well as supporting such charities as the Wounded Warriors Project, the Boy Scouts of America, the Salvation Army, and others.

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, we will remember him.

He is preceded in death by long time friend and companion, Margaret Burrell.

He is survived by a daughter, Elizabeth Kostohryz.

Services will be held at Seaton Brethren Church in Seaton, TX, on Wednesday, October 24th, at 11 am, followed at 2 pm by an Honor Guard and interment at Bellwood Memorial Park in Temple, TX.

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