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About Us

For more than 100 years, the Temple Daily Telegram – a seven-day, morning newspaper and leading source of news and information for Central Texans since 1907 – has been an integral part of the lives of readers in Bell County and the surrounding area.

The Telegram is one of only five locally owned newspapers in Texas with more than 10,000 circulation, and it has been owned and operated by the Mayborn family for more than 80 years.

On October 29, 1929, Ward Mayborn and his son, Frank, signed the notes to take over operation of the Telegram. Their enthusiasm was not matched by their timing, since that day in American history is generally considered the beginning of the Great Depression. By the summer of 1930, Ward was convinced the paper would not be able to support the family, and he chose to pursue other opportunities in the newspaper industry. Frank vowed to stick it out and took over the operation of the paper.

Except for a 3 year tour of duty during World War II, Frank W. Mayborn spent the remainder of his life working for the betterment of Central Texas. The Telegram emerged to take a central role in the growth of Bell County. Mayborn was instrumental in bringing Fort Hood to the Killeen area, in the development of the water resources that we enjoy today and in pushing for the betterment of Temple and the surrounding area.

Like Frank Mayborn, his wife, Sue Mayborn, who took over as editor and publisher when Frank died in 1987, sees the newspaper as a vital and important part of the community. During her more than 20 years directing the Telegram, Sue Mayborn has maintained a constant commitment to the core values that have guided the newspaper’s success – the fair, impartial and accurate report and delivery of international, national, state and most importantly, local news, which are the foundation of the Telegram’s editorial effort.

Much has changed in the world during the 80 years of ownership of the Telegram by the Mayborn family. However, the philosophy that guides the Telegram today has remained unchanged since it was promised in the Telegram by Frank W. Mayborn in 1929: “Operate a politically independent newspaper, placing the public welfare above the interest of any party. Truth and decency are its guiding principles and its daily determination is to print the news without fear or favor.”