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RaShonta LeBlanc made it clear and kept it concise when explaining what she expects from her team. Entering her second season as head coach of the Temple Tem-Cats, LeBlanc doesn’t seek perfection, but she does want maximum effort out of her players in every practice and every game.

BELTON — The final week of the regular season can often be quite mundane as some teams prepare for the playoffs while others prepare for next year in meaningless finales.

Belton’s District 12-6A finale Tuesday was far from mundane, with postseason berths and playoff seedings still to be had.

BELTON — As District 12-6A Turns might not attract daytime TV audiences the way other soap operas do, but the drama unfolding down the stretch undoubtedly has those striving for one of the three playoff spots left for the taking with two weeks to go in the regular season on the edge of their seats.

WACO — Some streaks continued while others ended Thursday at the District 12-6A cross country meet, during which Temple head coach David Melvin said times were off the charts around the Heart of Texas Soccer Complex’s 3-mile course.