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BUDA — Ever since the Holland Hornets departed Giddings’ Buffalo Stadium following their crushing area-round playoff loss to Wallis Brazos the night after Thanksgiving in 2018, everything they’ve done led them to the night after Thanksgiving this year.

CORSICANA — After making the first big play with a successful onside kick to start the game, not much else went right for the Rogers Eagles on Friday afternoon at Tiger Stadium.

FRISCO — Salado running back Hunter Turk gathered with his fellow senior offensive starters on the bench for a motivational conversation during the fourth quarter Saturday evening.

BURLESON — It might not have been the first interception for 5-foot-9, 300-pound Rogers defensive lineman Jayce Jones this season but it definitely ranks at the top of the list.

Jones fourth-quarter pick — as sure a sign as any that Friday night belonged to the Eagles — was one of the final cherries on top of a sweet and scintillating second half at Burleson Stadium for Rogers, which poured it on and claimed a 46-14 Class 3A Division II area-round victory over Jacksboro.

MAGNOLIA — Cameron Yoe head coach Tommy Brashear takes pride in his team’s ability to be multi-dimensional on offense. No matter the opponent, the Yoemen are confident that they can not only adjust and score but also excel.

NEW BRAUNFELS — Any thought of another second-round exit for the Holland Hornets was squelched quickly and loudly Friday night.

PEARSALL — The Grangers Lions ran over the Bruni Badgers (5-7) for a 55-15 victory in a Class 2A Division II area-round playoff game Friday night. No other information was reported before press time.