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FRISCO — Dak Prescott promised not to miss any time after straining his right calf Sunday on the touchdown pass in overtime that gave the Dallas Cowboys their first win at New England since 1987.

The star quarterback believes he can deliver on that vow because the team is going into its open week. Even with the break, recent history with his teammates suggests Prescott’s view is optimistic.

John Loyd of Southlake raises his bicycle above his head in triumph recently after completing the Hotter Than Hell 100 mile bike ride in Wichita Falls. John and his wife, Courtney, both grew up in Troy and graduated from Troy High School. John’s parents still live in Troy.

Spc. Cinthia Ramirez was among one of the first women to be able to serve in a combat unit in the Army. “For me, I got really lucky to be in a company, a battalion, to have leadership that respected me, cared for me and wanted to see me grow,” she said.

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The Temple Symphony Orchestra is bringing a world-class musician to Central Texas. Pianist Daniel Hsu will perform 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 16, at the Sue and Frank Mayborn Performing Arts Center in Belton