Mexican trucks

To The Editor:

In response to the editorial from the San Antonio Express - News and appearing in the Telegram on Monday, Dec. 18, 2000; the unsigned article seems to purport that the United States should forego highway safety in deference to our southern trading partner. Political and economic support from the Teamsters or any organization neither lessens nor enhances the compliance of Mexican trucks and drivers regarding U.S. safety standards. Another view might make us thankful that someone is mindful of our highway safety.

The author states "the United States has had five years to get ready for the Mexican trucks." Has not Mexico had the same five years to get ready for U.S. safety requirements? What makes it our total responsibility to ensure their compliance with the standards that we first impose on ourselves? Continuing, the writer states "perhaps many trucks and drivers from south of the border will not meet U.S. safety requirements. But that is why this nation has, or should have, inspectors at all U. S. crossing points . . . " Excuse me but why should we as tax payers be burdened to police another country's lack of compliance with legislation designed to enhance their own economy?

Obviously, the five members of the NAFTA panel have never attempted to manuever or stop an 80,000-pound vehicle without benefit of required safety features. It's also likely that the San Antonio author has not had members of his family exposed to the potential hazzards of unsafe vehicles on Interstate 35 when he suggests lifting trucking restrictions to facilitate the flow of Mexican goods. Universal prosperity is a poor trade for unilateral safety.

Sam D. Loftis

Triple T Truck

Brokers Inc.

Electric crews appreciated

To The Editor:

I wish to express my gratitude to the TXU people who worked through the night Tuesday, Dec. 12, and had the electricity in our neighborhood restored early Wednesday morning. I hope they don't have to do it again any time soon. I don't think we appreciate the work these people do for us day and night, in all kinds of weather.

Frances Bartley